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Keep Your Microwave Working With Houston Appliance Repair

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The microwave has become one of the most beloved and indispensable appliances in most kitchens, so when yours stops working, you want a quick remedy for the problem. Most problems with the microwave require that you call a repair company, as long as the original cost of the microwave makes repair costs worth it.

What Can Go Wrong With A Microwave

A malfunctioning microwave can show many symptoms from simple causes such as using metal utensils, allowing food spatters to build up, or a misaligned food tray. Assuming you’ve determined that none of these is the problem, you may have more serious issues:

  • The oven does not work at all, which may be due to a blown fuse or a faulty door switch.
  • The oven does not heat food, which can indicate a defective magnetron, capacitor, or diode.
  • The turntable does not rotate, resulting from a worn-out turntable drive or a defective tree motor.
  • Sparks inside the microwave may be due to a defective stirrer, broken fan motor or stirrer belt, or a shorted-out high-voltage diode.
  • The touchpad does not work at all or intermittently, which may be due to water damage or insect infestation.
  • It makes strange noises, resulting from a defective magnetron, exhaust fan motor, or stirrer motor.

Deciding Whether To Repair Or Place Your Microwave

These days, it is possible to buy a good basic microwave for $100, with the average cost of higher-powered models being another $100 or $200. Unless your microwave is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, which would entitle you to service from a factory-authorized repair shop, you might cut your losses and go microwave shopping if your unit cost less than $150. The average life of the microwave is nine years or less.

When deciding whether microwave problems are worth fixing, you must factor in the cost of a service call. Replacing a touchpad can cost $50 or less, whereas replacing the magnetron, the part that converts voltage to radiofrequency energy that cooks the food, can cost the hundreds. According to Angie’s List, the average cost its members paid for microwave repairs in 2013 was $133. You may pay less if you can take your microwave to a repair center.

When Microwave Repair Definitely Pays Off

If you have a gourmet kitchen with high-end appliances, you probably did not purchase your microwave at a big box store, and you might have one with convection and other features that might price it into the thousands. Jenn Air, for example, has a microwave wall oven with a dual-fan convection system that retails for over $5,000 while offering countertop models that retail for over $700. In these cases, calling a repair company is worth your time and money to preserve your original investment.

Houston Appliance Repair is experienced in repairing all types of microwaves, including Jenn Air, Wolf, Subzero, Amana, Maytag, and more. If you have a problem with your microwave, contact us today at (713) 574-9799. Based on the age of your unit and its symptoms, we may be able to tell you whether it’s worth a service call. Then we’ll be right out, often on the same day, to get your microwave cooking again.

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