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Please find these informational articles we have provided. Some are to help prepare for or prevent an appliance repair scenario and others are just articles with "good to know" information.

factory certified appliance repair

What Does Factory Certified Appliance Repair Service Mean?

Why Use Factory-Certified Technicians For Appliance Repair When you need service on major household appliances, just call (713) 574-9799 or fill out a website form to set up a convenient service appointment. When you request appliance repair in the Greater Houston area, how do you know that the service company you call will send qualified,…

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stackable washer and dryer repair

Planning Ahead For Washer And Dryer Repair For Stackable Units

Stacking a washer and dryer is a popular way to save space, but what do you need to consider when you have stackables? Are there disadvantages when you need repairs? There are several things to think about before you adopt this solution for your laundry. Maximizing Your Space Stackable washers and dryers enable you to…

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Sub-Zero appliance repair

Adding Reliable Sub-Zero Appliances To Your Kitchen Remodel

When you commit to an upscale kitchen remodel, you will want to add the best appliances you can afford. Based on reports from appliance repair companies, you can’t go wrong with Sub-Zero appliances. They are built to last for years – and the price reflects that! – but they are not immune to the need…

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Washing Machine Repair

Buying a Trouble-Free Dryer

Are you looking for a new dryer? Like most other appliances, dryers are available with many features that can increase the price, as well as your potential repair costs. To make sure that you find one with the features you need, do a little research before you hit the store to make your purchase. What…

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appliance repair diagnosis

Diagnosing What’s Wrong Before Calling For Houston Dryer Repair

When your dryer is not working right, you either need to make a trip to the laundromat, which eats up your time, or let the clothes air dry, which may leave them feeling stiff. In this Internet age, you may be tempted to look online to find out how to fix it, but diagnosing and…

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gourmet kitchen appliances

Entrust Your Gourmet Range To Houston Appliance Repair

If you are one of the growing group of Americans who wants a gourmet kitchen at your disposal, you are likely to opt for a high-end range with features you love. Modern stoves are not only sleeker, but offer many conveniences only found in restaurants a decade or two ago. Features To Consider For The…

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washing machine repair

Washer Repair On Front Loaders vs. Top Loaders

If you have looked at new washing machines lately, you are probably taken aback at how much the market has changed over the last few years. Front loaders now lead top loaders, while machines with sinks and second washing compartments fight for your attention. If you’re thinking of long term service and repair requirements, what…

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Houston Stove and Oven Repair

Why Do Modern Appliances Need Houston Appliance Repair So Often?

Household appliances that used the last “forever” now seem to have a much shorter life. Consumers report this on small handheld appliances as well as on major ones. When a $30 mixer stops working two days after the warranty expires, you are likely to replace it, but when $1,000 refrigerator dies, you are likely to…

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repairing appliances after flooding

Servicing Appliances After Floods

In May 2016, the Houston area experienced two storms that flooded the city with 15 to 20 inches of rain each time, which put homes in danger of flood damage. Since this was the sixth major flood in Southeast Texas since May 2015, homeowners should think about the importance of protecting their washers, dryers, and…

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microwave oven repair

Keep Your Microwave Working With Houston Appliance Repair

The microwave has become one of the most beloved and indispensable appliances in most kitchens, so when yours stops working, you want a quick remedy for the problem. Most problems with the microwave require that you call a repair company, as long as the original cost of the microwave makes repair costs worth it. What…

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appliance warranty information

Should You Buy Extended Warranties On Major Appliances?

Are Extended Warranties Worth It On Household Appliances? When you need warranty or non-warranty service, just call (713) 574-9799 or fill out a website form to set up a convenient service appointment. No matter what appliance you buy, the retailer is likely to offer you an extended warranty. Should you shell out the extra money…

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Quality Appliance Repair Guarantee

Understanding Sub-Zero Appliance Repair

When you own a top-of-the-line Sub-Zero refrigerator, wine storage cooler, or undercounter refrigerator – or its companion products, Wolf Ranges – you expect minimal repairs. The products are professional grade appliances, priced considerably higher than appliances used in most homes to create beautiful custom installations. While they are considered very reliable, they can develop problems…

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Maintaining And Repairing Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator For Best Results

While the average refrigerator may have a lifespan of eight years or less, Sub-Zero refrigerators can last for decades. They can experience problems, like any other appliance, but a combination of built-in reliability and regular repair and maintenance will help them live up to their potential. Unlike other double door refrigerators that might cost a…

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refrigerator repair houston

Should You Call Houston Refrigerator Repair Or Buy A New Model?

Faced with a broken refrigerator? A big question on your mind should be whether you should have your current one replaced or buy a new one. Refrigerator repair in Houston can be costly, but the cost pales in comparison with a new unit. Gaging The Life Of Your Refrigerator Refrigerators typically have a 10- to…

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