Should You Call Houston Refrigerator Repair Or Buy A New Model?

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Faced with a broken refrigerator? A big question on your mind should be whether you should have your current one replaced or buy a new one. Refrigerator repair in Houston can be costly, but the cost pales in comparison with a new unit.

Gauging The Life Of Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators typically have a 10- to 20- year lifespan. Testing laboratory Consumer Reports recently published an eight-year timeline to help you decide whether to repair or replace your refrigerator. According to them:

  • Bottom freezer models should be repaired during the first seven years and considered for repair after that.
  • Top freezer models should be repaired within three years, considered for repair within 3 to 6 years, and replaced if seven years or older.
  • Side-by-sides should be repaired within the first five years and considered for repair after that.
  • Built-in refrigerators are almost always worth repairing

New Refrigerator Sticker-Shock

If you have a refrigerator more than 10 years old, buying a new refrigerator can bring a more energy-efficient model into your home, but be prepared for sticker shock. The cost will vary based on size, type, features, and brand. A nationwide appliance retailer that sells in Houston shows the following budget-busting statistics:

  • Top freezer refrigerators start at $450 for a 10 cubic foot model and approach $1,800 for a 24 cubic foot model.
  • Bottom freezer models, which start at $800 for 10 cubic foot model exceed $2000 for a 24 cubic foot model and even have a couple of KitchenAid choices that are over $8,000
  • Side-by-side models start at nearly $1,000 for 22 cubic foot model in top $3,000 for many brands. French door models with a side-by-side refrigerator section with the freezer at the bottom range from $1,400 to over $9,000.
  • Built-in models start in the $7,000-$10,000 range.

While having a shiny new refrigerator in your kitchen might be appealing, the cost of buying new makes calling for refrigerator repair services a good idea. Do the math, you will find that you can pay an appliance repair service many times before it makes sense to buy a new one.

Deciding On A New Model Or Houston Refrigerator Repair

Even good refrigerators get to the point where the repairs are so frequent and so costly that some appliance shopping might be in order. A trustworthy technician will give you an estimate on the cost of repairs so that you can decide your next step. Typically, you might want to start looking in these cases:

  • Your refrigerator is over 10 years old.
  • Food spoils quickly.
  • The motor is running hot.
  • You have excessive condensation, which indicates poor cooling.
  • You build up excessive frost in the freezer.
  • Your refrigerator runs continuously.
  • You have a side-by-side model – this type tends to need replacement more frequently than many top or bottom- freezer models.
  • You find a great deal on a new refrigerator.

Free Estimates With Repair Can Help You Decide

With over 25 years of experience in repairing state-of-the-art appliances, Houston Appliance Repair offers free estimates on refrigerators when we perform the work. We offer same-day service and reasonable prices on repair jobs for all brands of appliances including JenAir, ASKO, Admiral, Amana, Bosch, Dacor, Estate, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, Jenn, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, LG, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper, Sears, SubZero, Tappan, Thermador, Whirlpool, White Westinghouse, and Wolf.

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