Planning Ahead For Washer And Dryer Repair For Stackable Units

stackable washer and dryer

Stacking a washer and dryer is a popular way to save space, but what do you need to consider when you have stackables? Are there disadvantages when you need repairs? There are several things to think about before you adopt this solution for your laundry.

Maximizing Your Space

Stackable washers and dryers let you put your laundry machines into a small space, even a closet. When you buy appliances of the same brand and model, the result can be a sleek-looking unit. Some compact appliances are made to be stacked, but with the right hardware, it is possible to stack any appliances that meet certain criteria. For example, you need to have frontloading appliances, and the dryer controls must be reachable.

By stacking appliances, you save square footage on the floor by using the space vertically. This means you lose the option to hang a storage cabinet above your laundry appliances and can’t fold clothes on top. In a small apartment or condo, you may have minimal floor space, which makes stackable units your only alternative, but when you have more room, you may want to consider whether having them side-by-side would give you more options.

Preventing Problems With Stackables

When you stack appliances, you concentrate much weight on your floor. This may not be an issue for compact appliances, but if you stack full-size appliances, you may need the advice of a building contractor to verify that your floor can take the weight. If not, you may need the floor reinforced to accommodate heavily stacked appliances.

When stacking appliances, special hardware is necessary to keep the dryer in place atop the washer. Once in place, there can be considerable vibration when the washer spins, which looks like it could make the dryer slide off the top. Manufacturers insist that violent shaking of the machine is not normal and could result from improper leveling, a weak floor, or failure to replace shipping bolts put in place by the manufacturer to protect the units during shipping. In some cases, placing anti-vibration pads can help the problem if there is no other cause.

Finding Houston Washer And Dryer Repair For Stackables

When it comes time to repair your laundry units, is having them stacked a problem? Compared to having an all-in-one unit containing a washer and dryer, having separate units allows you to replace one appliance and not the other. Repairing them individually requires that the repairman unstack them to do the work. This can make the repair a two-man job that adds to your costs. Still, most repair companies prepare for working on stackable by bringing an air sled and an oven dolly that can move heavy appliances and remove stacked laundry items, built-in ovens, and other raised appliances.

Houston Appliance Repair, which serves the greater Houston area, is well-equipped to work on all brands of washers and dryers. We handle stackables with ease. Whether you need help installing your new laundry set or need your washer or dryer repaired, don’t hesitate to contact us at (713) 574-9799 to set up a convenient service appointment.

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