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Washer Repair On Front Loaders vs. Top Loaders

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If you have looked at new washing machines lately, you are probably taken aback at how much the market has changed over the last few years. Front loaders now lead top loaders, while machines with sinks and second washing compartments fight for your attention.

If you’re thinking of long term service and repair requirements, what is the best type of machine to buy? How does washer repair compare on front loaders versus top loader machines?

Front Loading Vs.Top Loading Machine

In 2000, top loaders dominated 45% of the washer market. According to sales tracking firm Traqline, their market share has since fallen to 29.5%, while front loaders have become the popular choice of today’s consumers.

Front loading machines have become popular because they reputedly clean better while being gentler on your clothes, as they have no agitator. They use as much as 40% less water and 165% less energy, which you will really notice on your power bill if you have an electric hot water heater. Since they have a wider array of high-end features available, you can easily over-spend upfront compared to what you will actually save in energy costs.

Offering a flat top, they can either be stacked with the dryer for a compact look or used as additional space for folding clothes or storing washing supplies. Their configuration makes it easy to load and unload since you do not have to reach to the bottom of the tub to extract clothes, as you do with a top loader. However, if you forget to add clothes to a load, you have to stop and partially drain the machine to prevent water spilling out.

In contrast, the tried-and-true top loaders cost less to buy but are more likely to break down, which increases their long-term ownership costs. They have fewer extra features but are not as energy-efficient. Because of the way the agitator works, they are harder on clothes.

Washer Repair Issues For Front Loaders

Despite their aesthetic appeal and promises of energy efficiency, they pose some specific problems:

The gasket around the door that keeps the unit sealed can become a haven for mold and mildew. This is not only smelly and unsightly but can make clothes smell moldy too. This problem has been the subject of lawsuits against manufacturers who have responded by selling cleaning products or installing a self-cleaning cycle in the machines to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew.  Other problems reported include:

  • Internal parts corrode easily and are expensive to repair
  • Electronics malfunction
  • Excessive shaking
  • Door lock malfunctions
  • Items become trapped between the inner and outer drums of the unit.
  • Leaking

Although front loaders have posed problems for some owners, keeping the door open and wiping off the gasket solve the mold problem for many people. For many of the other problems that occur, having a good washer repair service company on hand can keep the unit running for many years.

Affordable Washer Repair In Houston

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